Patriot Gala


One Warrior Won and North Edge K9 getting it done, Providing four PTSd Service Dogs to deserving veterans. Saving Dogs, Training Dogs, Saving Warriors. News Center 6 Vivien Leigh does a great job highlighting our program.   Read More »

CJ and Brother Max


Over the Memorial Day weekend I had the honor of meeting these young men. CJ and Brother Max Band are spending their summer playing music to raise money on behalf of Patriot Charities of Charlotte, NC so they can provide a PTSd Service Dog to a deserving veteran. The wonderful heart these young men show, and appreciation they show for our ... Read More »

OWW/NorthEdge K9


One Warrior Won and North Edge K9 joining forces to become the premier PTSD Service Dog training program in the North. We have the winning combination and proven methods. Vivien Leigh from Ch. 6 News talks up PTSd Service Dogs showing our newest trainees. Read More »

From the Source: Warning Graphic Language


The VA “Wait” list scandal is not confined just to new patients trying to be seen. It is rampant throughout every phase of the VA process. Be it for healthcare or benefits. Hear the frustration first hand with American Veterans Crisis Warning graphic language!     Read More »

Disorder or Injury


As the debate rages on about whether PTS is a “Disorder” or an “Injury”  thousands of Veterans will commit suicide before anyone comes up with an answer. What we need to do is realize regardless of what we call it the discrimination associated with it has to end. We have veterans who cannot find work, housing, or understanding because of ... Read More »

Warfigther Rights Movement


Come Join the Warfighter Rights Movement. All Warriors, Caregivers, and public supporters need to click on the Warfighter Rights Movement and see what this is all about. Uniting all 23 million Warfighters in America and all those that care. For true effective and lasting change for those who have given so much to our country. Join Now. Read More »