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Cit1Service Member/Veterans/Family:
It takes warriors to heal warriors. We would never go out on a mission by ourselves, so why fight one of the hardest battles of your life by yourself. Make no mistake; PTSD is as deadly as any enemy we’ve ever faced. Like any other battle we have fought we’ve done so with our fellow warriors by our side. The frontlines are now here on the home-front. The battle lines may be blurred, and the rules of engagement seem confusing, but you are not alone. Contact us and we will cover your six while we work with you to defeat the enemy raging within!

So you’re hiring veterans, good for you. Do you know how to get the most out of them, and for them to perform to the highest standard for you? Do you really undertand the intangible skills these amazing young men and women bring to the table? Do you know how to assure their success, which in turn will assure yours? 

At your next conference or in-service training, think outside the box and bring us in. Straight talk about understanding the personal struggles and successes of returning veterans and the beneifts of having veterans on your staff. We make it entertaining, thought provoking, and practical. You can choose the “standard”in service or usual speakers, or you can choose to make a difference and begin to understand about Americas best contribution to society, the veteran.

Available to any professional field who wishes to understand more about the reintegration of combat veterans back into society. What some of the pitfalls may be, and what some of the most successful steps are. These seminars are very good for civilian mental and physical health care providers as well as government providers with no military experince. In a short period of time you will learn Military Literacy 101, Military Culture 101, and Military History 101. What is taught here will never be in any textbooks!! All these will help you attract and retain veterans as clients.

Law Enforcement and First Responders:
It is believed that after five years of doing one of these jobs correctly will have you showing early signs of PTSd. Left unnoticed, untreated, or ignored will only complicate the path to coping. Learn to recgonize this in yourself, your colleagues and start building the “Bullet-Proof Brain”. With over 17 years in local, state and federal lawenforcement, we know how to build such a brain.

In order to help begin the healing process you must first understand the world of the wounded. So contact us now, and give us a chance to share with you a way to reach veterans with dignity, humanity, humor, and conviction. For press inquiries and to book a speaking engagement for Rich Brewer contact