Boring? Well no Not Really!

A friend just sent me a message and asked when I was going to post something personal so that others may follow suit? Yeah like I have ever blogged before! This is the first time in my life I have felt passionate enough about anything to lead a charge for change. There is a saying out there “from our wounds, comes our calling”. I hear the calling; the echos of warriors from past conflicts as decades later they yell out from their sleep reliving images burned into their brains. I hear the screams of today’s protectors as they struggle to figure out why they survived being at war, yet the battles still rage within their minds. 
I am blogging when I really do not know how. I am writing for grants when I have never done so. I am facebooking, tweetering and linking all in the hopes of changing the lives of those that fought before me, with me, that are fighting today, and for those who will fight long after my generation is gone to keep this country free, safe, and great.
Why do all this? Because I am one of those warriors who ran around for years thinking I was crazy, and anytime I spoke with someone who was suppose to be an “expert” they seemed to merely confirm it without ever really asking me, about me. So for over two decades I buried myself, and isolated myself, in school, in work, in the bottle. I lived a dual life; the one the public saw, my “friends” saw, my family saw, and the one that raged inside me. Until three years ago, when I decided to fight the beast known as “PTSd” as hard as it had been fighting me for over 20 years.
It has been since that time that I have studied the beast, like any good warrior would study his enemy, and I have found that in the 30 years of having and official name, what was once known by many different names, yet never really understood by many, was still not really understood even though it had been given an “official” name of “PTSd”. 
I do not know all the answers, I just know that much of what is out there now is not right. I know what I am doing is right, as I do indeed hear the calling. And using whatever means I know, and obviously many I do not know, I will find a way to continue defeating my own enemy within, and help others who have suffered much longer than I, and others so they do not have to suffer as long.
Well that was a bit personal and I hope others feel free to respond with their own stories, help is here, reach out! And if you do not need help, but can help I am reaching out to you!!!


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