Not Politics, But Purpose

I guess this is what we “bloggers” do we basically type to ourselves..Interesting concept!! When I first started down this path I wanted to make sure my views of the data I was looking at, or that the sources I sought out were not skewed by my political opinion, or of that of anyone elses. As the famous saying goes ‘just the facts Ma’am”. I am dating myself here, but nothing wrong with being finely aged!! I consider myself political astute, active and a self-described news junkie. 
With that being said the issue of treating veterans correctly is not a Demorcratic or Republican issue, it is not a right, left, or somewhere inbetweeen issue, it is simply the just thing to do. No one party can claim a right to us as a group, nor should we allow them to. Where I, or any of us, fall on the political spectrum should not have any bearing on this issue. That is why One Warrior Won will remain free of any political influence or endorsements. If you support us, it is because you believe in the work we are and will be doing, and that all veterans deserve to be treated fairly by the citizens they so proudly, honorably, and bravely serve on behalf of.
We are rolling now, slowly, but hey it’s a start and I know as we roll on together we will grow into the force needed to forge a New Way Forward and Change the Face of PTSd forever.


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