Words to Inform

Dare to liveIt is true that sometimes even those closest to us do not understand, but how can they? Have we tried to let them in? If we, the ones experiencing this hell can not find the words to express it, how can we expect them to understand it. That is why this journey, this path I hope to follow to its end is not just for warriors living with PTSd, though it shall start with us, and then broaden out to include, mothers and fathers, wives and husbands,sisters and brothers of these brave men and women, so that they too may grasp the wounds of war that have been inflicted on their loved ones. This is not about just defining and treating PTSd, this is about creating a movement that starts here and swells across this great country. I am sick of hearing about people wanting to do, so I am doing. I am sick of having a label stuck on me that does not fit, so I am re-writing the label, not just for me, but for any warrior who wishes to stand beside me and fight yet another battle, and in many ways a much more important one. 
I am humbled by some of the comments and graciously say thank you for the kind words and support, that is what we will need, your support, your willingness to educate yourself, your openness to help us heal. 
This is indeed a mammouth fight, against an established misdiagnosed, and often mistreated injury; againist a society that has all too often forgotten the price they ask us to pay for the very liberties they enjoy, and against ourselves. We have to resist the urge to just “hold the line” or to “retreat” into ourselves. We must once again find the warrior spirit that kept us alive on the battlefield, and allow it to keep us alive on the homefront. And I do not mean merely allowing us to go through the motions of life, but to truly enjoy living. In short we must go on the “offensive”!
Also wanted to say I am not sure it appears on the blog page anywhere, but if anyone wishes to reach out and needs help in a more private way then the blog, or if anyone wants to pitch in and help in any other way you can e-mail me at rich@onewarriorwon.com .
This is the eve of the event that changed my life forever. My next post will be my attempt to describe the event. My sincere thanks to all who take the time to read and respond to this blog.


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