JoelJoel Connick, USMC

Director of Veteran Outreach

Community Service Coordinator

8 Comments On “Volunteers

  1. Tom Griswold Reply

    Marine lived it loved it till the transition back. Want to help. The ones that don’t understand civilians.

  2. Mary Hawkey Reply

    How can this service be accomplished in other states/cities?

  3. Mary Jo Bacorn Reply

    Hello My name is Mary Jo Bacorn. I reside in Charlotte NC. I do a lot of rescue work with dogs and have a great deal of knowledge and experience working with all different breeds. .As a masters prepared Registered Nurse I am also extremely passionate about helping people, assisting them along their journey towards healing (physically or mentally). I would love the opportunity to assist in this amazing cause.

  4. Megan Moody Reply

    How can I become a Volunteer? And what does being a Volunteer entail? Thank You

  5. Denise Arnold Reply

    I am involved with dog rescue and dog rescue in Georgia and dog transport from Georgia to Maine and would like to help. How can I become a Volunteer? And what does being a Volunteer entail? Thank You

  6. Christa Kay Reply

    Hi, I am contacting you because I am interested in learning specific dog training techniques related to PTSD service dogs. I have PTSD as a result of domestic violence. I believe service dogs can provide the support needed for women to feel safe and learn to re-engage in life. I would like to talk with someone about my vision for placing service dogs with survives of domestic violence .

  7. Mark Johnson Reply

    I would be interesting in talking to someone about how I or my company can help your organization.

  8. Cheryl Ramskill Reply

    I would like to know the answers to the questions asked above–I have the same questions but see no replies (maybe it’s privately done). Thank you.

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